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Wesabe CBS News!

Posted by rexdixon on November 22, 2006

Well I think I was nearly one of the first blogs to talk about wesabe logoWesabe last Friday. Everyone has talked about the site since, more indepth then my quick hit style of course. I was just checking out and responding to some of my comments that readers left me, and I had one from someone named “Melissa” on the Wesabe post above.

Turns out that she quoted me in her blog, which is on the CBS News site. Now the main part of the article is about the whole Michael Richards freak out the other day, but yes – Rex Dixon is quoted, and I will have to say, sometimes I do write some good quotable material.

Technically Speaking, thanks again Melissa and you can quote Rex Dixon anytime you feel that I will enhance your articles on CBS News!


One Response to “Wesabe CBS News!”

  1. […] Now with 2007 right around the corner, I can truly see the light at the end of the tunnel. With yesterday’s notice or quote to be totally accurate by the CBS news blogger – Melissa – over on Blogophile, it won’t be but a matter of time before Rex Dixon is in the mix once again. […]

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