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Coffee with Rex Dixon #5

Posted by rexdixon on November 22, 2006

labeled cwrd logoCoffee with Rex Dixon #5 has been online actually now for a few hours. Here is the rundown:

Just in time for the long holiday weekend – my favorite holiday – Thanksgiving!

* Second Life; it seems that Mr. Business Golf and Rex Dixon are pretty much in the ball park again, and IBM, DELL, Reuters, etc.. have all been suckered into a game, dropping millions and of course if you have paid attention to the news – virus’, stealing, etc.. all sorts of unsavory action going on because — Why? — IT’s A GAME FOLKS!!! Wake up and smell the Coffee…
* Photo sites and look a likes; we go into this a bit.

Grab your mug — uhm, you do HAVE an official Coffee with Rex Dixon mug by now right? RIGHT? If not – with Rex Dixon - Large Mug

Don’t forget – when you are computer’less and internet’less – call – +1 (818) 688-2730 – Coffee with Rex Dixon offline


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