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Tiny Guitar Amp!

Posted by rexdixon on November 21, 2006

I’ve been doing this blogging and podcasting so much as of late, I finally realized the other day I haven’t picked up my guitar in a couple of months! Literally! I did the other day, and I could have played for hours, but of course I had to be somewhere else and to hop my turn in the shower.

tiny ampThis little amp, seems to be the ticket. Currently I have a tiny amp, Peavey Rage-158. The “15” stands for 15 watts, and the “8” is the size of the speaker as in 8 inch speaker. It does have good tone, and I have done some recording with it. In fact as the one comment said to the article – Jimmy Page used a tiny amp also in the recording studio. They are much easier to handle and you can get a killer recording over a 4×12 sometimes if you know what you are doing. Yes, before you ask, I use to have a Randall Full Stack (150 watt hot rodded head; 12ax7 tubes, etc.. about all I can remember of the specs) back in the day. NOW that was FUN also, but…

BUT — this little amp ONLY has 1/2 watt of power. Yes, you read that correctly – 1/2 watt. It’s all tube though, and hand made. I guess you can really rock out with it, and believe me after years of hauling equipment from car, truck, etc.. to the stage, and playing and hauling it all back again — the lighter the load, the more fun it is!

Technically Speaking, along with a replication – or a Rex Dixon version – of Leah’s Laptop – I would definately put this little guy as another item that I would be willing to trade for some sponsor ads,  here on the blog or podcast.


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