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Mark Zuckerberg, are you listening now?

Posted by rexdixon on November 21, 2006

I guess you want to continue to flip flop your way into obscurity? Rex Dixon already told you yesterday to wake up and smell the coffee. Today, it appears that even your peers and well, the people that are right in your neighborhood tend to agree. I don’t make this stuff up Mark.

You remember Mr. Adler? er, Mr. Friendler? Oh, I mean the guy who turned down good money because he was too stupid to realize what was being handed to him? Yeah, look at him now, “nightclub owner – ha! – More like ex-could-have-been-should-have-been! Hey the mainstream news can’t even get his name right anymore can they? Ah, I guess I’ll be nice – Jonathan Abrams, Friendster founder and turner downer of millions from you know, Google. I guess Google didn’t know squat, and Jonathan wanted to hold out for something that would meet – a. His Honesty, b. His Honor, c. OR.. just like HIM — HE just wanted more cash then his company really deserved.

Technically Speaking, Mark it’s your choice man, disappear into obscurity, open up another nightclub – you do know the lifespan of those places, right? – and drink away and talk about days of greatness that could-have-should-have-never-will-be because you have your you know what stuck where? That’s right, it’s time you take a listen to the Coffee #4 show, it’s for your own good.

Think hard Mark – Is Facebook really worth more then you have been offered so far? Or is your goal to open up a club right along with Mr. Friendster, and drink until your liver rots into obscurity along with you, what you have achieved, and much more.


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