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Posted by rexdixon on November 20, 2006 is a very new site. It’s a video plugin that the founder is stating can basically help you make money with your videos. I think that the type of people such as Scobleizer should be checking this out. Rex Dixon is still doing podcasts, and hasn’t the resources to go vcasting at this time.

From what I saw on their site, I think that some company should check this out really soon before a big company — take your pick — Google, YouTube, Yahoo, Adobe, Microsoft, etc… in other words — someone that is in start up mode or has a video site already should check these guys out. That means NOW!

I’m sorry I can’t do a fantastic bang up review of this plugin, but it seems to make allot of sense to me. That is Technically Speaking of course! Yes, I still have to get back to Evolution Studios to cut that podcast!


One Response to “Vplyr”

  1. […] So I’m checking things out, and also chatting with the owner Matt of the new startup company I told everyone about the other day called Vplyr – which if GoogleTube or some video site doesn’t start courting soon, I’ll be really surprised! […]

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