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Mark Zuckerberg’s embarrassing Uncle?

Posted by rexdixon on November 20, 2006

Listen, Mark – Rex Dixon here.

Dude, take a listen to some older and wiser guys. Terry Semel of Yahoo might seem like your embarrassing uncle right now at this moment in time. Time to wake up and smell the coffee Mark, the Coffee with Rex Dixon that is. Both Rex Dixon and Mr. Business Golf have been around the block a few times, and to be quite honest, your Mr. No Toe Sandals gig you pulled is the reason why Terry Semel of Yahoo and you don’t see eye to eye, or more like why the negotiations failed.

Technically Speaking, if you really want the deal you need to learn about styling and profiling. Rex Dixon and Mr. Business Golf are only one e-mail away from you. You need to consider this seriously before walking about with your cheap flip flops with the industry types again. Don’t believe me? Just ask anyone in the indusry that saw you, what they really thought of your “cool” look. As said in the Coffee show #4, we have been there, done that and looking from the outside in – it’s allot different view. I wish you luck with getting Facebook where you want it to be, but your coolness that you perceive is well… just grab your coffee cup and you know what to do -= Rex Dixon is only a click away for you =-.


3 Responses to “Mark Zuckerberg’s embarrassing Uncle?”

  1. […] Mark Zuckerberg’s embarrassing Uncle? […]

  2. OMG, and WTF, Is this Facebook guy for real? Is this FACEBOOK thing just a SF thing? Speaking with my two college nieces this evening they report they and all of their friends at the two Texas colleges they go to have left the Facebook flock to get involved with online groups that are are ‘mature’…too many high schoolers wanting to ‘show their flesh’ adn tell ‘gross out stories’ to win over chicks. Report from these campuses is that Facebook is ‘Not The Thing’ to be part of…so what has Mr ‘Z’ have to sale now anyway? I think Mr ‘S’ doesn’t really have to be a wiz on technology, just good business…intsead of an ’embarrassing Uncle’ I think he was being more of a ‘dad needing to take a spoiled brat out behind the tool shed’ or I guess that would be the maid’s quarters for him, and bust his chops… OH, well, the 15 is about up for Mr ‘Z’ anyway…moving on!

  3. […] I guess you want to continue to flip flop your way into obscurity? Rex Dixon already told you yesterday to wake up and smell the coffee. Today, it appears that even your peers and well, the people that are right in your neighborhood tend to agree. I don’t make this stuff up Mark. […]

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