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Been there, done that, got paid actually..

Posted by rexdixon on November 20, 2006

aglocoAgloco. I was one of those people that signed up for AllAdvantage. I actually did get money out of them for my surfing. This all was found out by Liz over at gigaom; and to be honest – I do not remember if I saw this — probably did! I hope though, this is not a sign that we have already reached the end of the bubble! I will keep watching these guys again, AllAdvantage came and went in a such a hurry.

After reading about their blowout party they had in 2000, my confidence has already gone way down in this company already. They may be again setting up the internet for another quick disaster. Meaning, here we go again! I could tell you all stories from 2000 also, and 1999, and 2001. Does it really matter? I hope the owners quit living in the past in a hurry. Those were different days for Rex Dixon; and what happened back then really has no bearing on what is going on today Technically Speaking.


5 Responses to “Been there, done that, got paid actually..”

  1. anon said

    As was pointed out on Techcrunch:

    To get the facts straight – The party being referred to was a democratic fund raiser. AllAdvantage did not pay for the event. The president came for free, the grateful dead played for free, the food was hamburgers and hotdogs but it was indeed a lot of fun!

  2. I don’t know why anyone is complaining about this company. (I do, however, agree that spending on any corporate or political fundraiser party is a complete waste of money and all companies should cease doing so immediately.)

    Back to the point, the company seems to have a viable business model and I am all for it. I am just sorry I missed it the first time around.

    Please see my full review:

    AGLOCO: Make Money Online

  3. Andrew said

    The one thing they improved is that they’re using “hours” now instead of a fixed rate.
    The other thing they didn’t improve is that they still have 5 referral levels, which means less money for surfing, and more for referring.

  4. Mike w said

    What a hype – and this radio show host Dave Lawrence (I believe – he’s on an XM Station Sunday nights)is the number one rep. He must stand to make a bundle if this thing ever gets off the ground. What a no lose situation for this clown. He’s probably getting paid by the company to plug it plus he stands in line to get some signifigant stock options – which they are now promising as they are cash strapped!

  5. Crack Dealer said

    AllAdvantage was such a joke.

    I know people that had programs that would “auto-surf” for them and they would roll in $1000s each month from those suckers!

    The same would happen to AGLOCO.

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