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Yahoo, THE Mother of all Memo’s

Posted by rexdixon on November 19, 2006

I guess I could have posted the entire memo yesterday, but it was nice ofyahoo these guys to take care of that. If you want to read the mother of all memo’s, then simply go there and read it.

As far as my opinion on this memo, and it being “leaked” to the blogosphere, I am agreeing that I think the writer leaked it. I could be wrong, but one of the comments to the above stated that is how it supposedly got out and online“. Then again, another spin could be it is just a wise marketing move to take the spotlight off of Google, at least for a few days.

Whatever the case is on this, Technically Speaking I’m glad that there are people at Yahoo that still are thinking or rather are radical and more like lateral thinkers in the upper management level. It’s been awhile since any of the big 2 has proven to think outside of the box. When you have the buying power that Yahoo has, it’s much easier to bid, buy, take in and mold into another Yahoo module. This proves to me that people are still there actually using their brain power.


One Response to “Yahoo, THE Mother of all Memo’s”

  1. When will the next shoe drop? It would be hard for upper management to ignore this in the early part of this week. We’ll see.


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