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Posted by rexdixon on November 18, 2006

yahooblueStill all over the place this weekend. This one compares Brad Garlinghouse, the SVP at Yahoo that put out the mother of all memo’s to Jerry Maguire. If that is their guess, then my best guess is that he will be fired on Monday, before lunch. Other places are all still the buzz about Yahoo’s memo that predicts all sorts of doom and gloom as in job cuts. I do however think the reference to a “thin layer of peanut butter” is like, well, dude needs to learn better sayings to put down – Rex Dixon has a ton of them better then that!

Technically Speaking, we needed something to write about this weekend, right? 🙂


4 Responses to “Yahoo!”

  1. Is Mr Garlinghouse wearing Open Toed Sandels? If so I think it is because he really stumped his big one on this memo….and this is a SVP…Man, I wonder what the memo from the CEO is going to say…add some jelly to that peanut butter and take it with you out the door???

  2. Rod Smith said

    care to offer a fellow-blogger a little insight……. let me know……. Rod

  3. This memo suggests that much more clarity is needed from Yahoo’s CEO. It appears to be time for Terry Semel to retire and I would suggest that Susan Decker take over.

    Jerry Yang and David Filo are critical at this crossroads for Yahoo!:



  4. […] Yahoo! […]

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