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Universal sues MySpace

Posted by rexdixon on November 17, 2006

Let’s have fun, all American style. It’s lawsuit time. Gather up your legal team, and start meeting with each other for a year, or two or three or ?. Make sure you log every billable hour to both sides, eat those lunches, dinners, and party for free. Hey, why not just make sure that FOX is included right in there too. I can bet all weekend, and into next week there will be talk about this lawsuit.

Okay that is enough about that. Universal vs MySpace w/Manager FOX in their corner, set ’em, and get ready to rumble. The fun has just started up again. Right now it would be a good time to be on either legal team; Technically Speaking of course!


3 Responses to “Universal sues MySpace”

  1. Joe said

    Now listen, sounds to me it’s justa bunch of money hungry whiners crying that they can’t buy another Jaguar or BMW. Who gives a crap they’ve been ripping off artists and people for years and now they are getting a taste of their own medicne and they don’t like it. Big Babies.

  2. ruben said

    que onda

  3. Алина said

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