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Rex Dixon – Professional BlogCaster — Factsheet from CEO

Posted by rexdixon on November 17, 2006 — I did a write up on like 2 weeks ago. I received an e-mail today from the founder and CEO Daniel Belanger. When a CEO would like his factsheet out there, I have no problems providing him with the World Wide viewship that this blog enjoys!

He wanted me to relay this to all of you readers who were probably curious, or even to those that missed the above posting. He was nice enough to send over a factsheet on his company, and I will let him do the talking about –

Mission Statement: 

With a constructive, progressive and optimistic perspective, ibrido is a mindful media company that informs, educates, and elevates society through entertaining and aesthetically striking content.   ibrido will maintain content excellence while adapting rapidly to new distribution models, embracing what is new and necessary in our ever changing world. 

Company Overview: 

ibrido is a mindful enterprise modeled on the triple bottom line.   We produce, distribute and license content aligned with our core values: progressive, constructive and optimistic.    Our content will be delivered through present and future digital media platforms with the goal of being uplifting, educational, and captivating. 

Vision Statement: 

ibrido is a model of excellence and equity with a mission to engage and inspire the nascent wisdom of the masses. We are a content creator through which advertisers and sponsors have access to a niche targeted audience, which is growing in focus and size exponentially.  

We highlight media that is aligned with our mission statement, creating awareness and traffic for the societal paradigm shift that is occurring in our world. ibrido will be a destination site equivalent to an online channel that will drive traffic outward to the featured content.

With no agenda or commercially limiting ties, ibrido will capture, analyze, and integrate data in new ways. ibrido will provide powerful communication tools to facilitate dialogue, the exchange of ideas and the fostering of sustainable communities. 

Our Target Customer: 

The ibrido consumers are best described as “The Sustainables” – who are mindful, design savvy, purposeful, and community-oriented. 

The Sustainables” are conscious consumers who understand the triple bottom line – people planet profit.   They consider before they buy – cradle to cradle, full cost accounting, and corporate transparency.   They take their responsibility to the future with a sense of wit and deep sense of commitment.   They aren’t panicked but inspired.   They see the glass half-full. They are not über-human, extra intelligent, or wealthy, they are us – a generation of resourceful, mindful, engaged consumers, activists, thinkers and designers, eager to help shape the future.   They are the mature manifestation and reaction to our society’s glut of celebrity, fear and trivia based media. They recognize that technology, media and design should have a deeper purpose beyond simply existing and consuming. 

Above all they have hope and the desire to effect change.

Technically Speaking, Daniel — If you get some VC’s interested, definately pass a few by Rex Dixon’s neck of the woods! 🙂 I hope to see your company continue it’s growth while keeping to your standards of excellence.


2 Responses to “ — Factsheet from CEO”

  1. Roger Hansen said

    I read your mission statement, and for the first time, I can say that I would welcome any opportunity to work for your company. I currently have a rather short list of ’causes,’ namely getting American troops out of Iraq asap.

  2. Betty said

    Daniel scammed his original investors of “ibrido” out of their $35k investment, after spending it on his credit card debt and high end personal items. He appropriated many of the stories on ibrido from other sites without crediting them. He also took credit for the work of the people who built ibrido and their writing, editing, shooting and web work. He has a history of scamming people, hence the constant moving around the globe. He’s got by on charm and lies for a long time. He never graduated “HEC”, nor does he have any practical professional experience – he mostly works as a waiter and dive instructor. He worked as an unlicensed “massage therapist” in France. He has gotten violent with a female co-worker once he was outed as a scam artist. Beware of Daniel, he’s manically “optimistic” and tragically unrealistic.

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