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Sequoia Rocked in Court!

Posted by rexdixon on November 16, 2006

Stay Tuned folks. You think Rex Dixon and Mr. Business Golf havne’t been around the block a time or two? You don’t think that history doesn’t repeat itself? Heed the warning VC people. You may have your money, your stock portfolios, your slamming Zune (ha!) right now – but it could all come tumbling down like the house of cards you are living in.

This has been a public service announcement to the fools that don’t get the idea that Rex Dixon and Mr. Business Golf are not just saying what we say to hear ourselves talk. I’m not even posting links to the podcasts I refer too, if the VC types haven’t taken the time to learn the hard lessons of the record biz from the late 80’s — well they deserve to have their BMW’s repo’d, their cell phones shut off, and thrown into the gutter and spit out like yesterday’s news.


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