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Real Girls Media raises $6 Million

Posted by rexdixon on November 16, 2006

Real Girls Media, another San Francisco start up that is gearing a web site towards women. Funny thing is, they are approaching this whole Web 2.0 thing from the top down. They are building it from – 1. Acquire the money, 2. Put the people needed in place, 3. Build the site.

The company is founded by Kay Everett Thorp who at one time was a venture partner at a San Francisco venture firm Walden VC. The company is slated for launch next year as in 2007, along with the first of her ideas which is also scheduled for a 2007 start – – targeting women ages 25 to 54.  

This compares to another start up called Sugar that is doing it the more traditional way. It is quite interesting to read about as well as blog about the number of women oriented sites that are hitting late 2006, and ones scheduled for 2007. I would have to say it is way beyond time to attract more women to the internet. There are some very smart people here, that are doing what I have talked about before in one of my podcast shows – target marketing. It’s old school, but hey – it does work!

 Technically Speaking, $6 Million is a big chunk of change on something that is only going to come online sometime in 2007. Again, I ask – “Where is Rex Dixon’s freakin’ $6 Million???”


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