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Qihoo – raises another $?? million for Web 2.0 search

Posted by rexdixon on November 15, 2006

In CHINA! Yes folks VC is alive and well in the land of China. It’s not a spin on what you are thinking either. Now when you go read this, you will be thinking – – is it “$25 million” or is it “$20 million“. Go figure right? I have no idea, it’s all Greek to me, er, Chinese to me.  The mistake was fixed of course, after Rex Dixon posted it up here first! The point is that the internet is growing and Web 2.0 is now becoming the defacto standard even in China, or remote places that read this blog (yes, I look).

qihoo logoQihoo has raised a total of $45 million and looks to be in a couple of turf wars with a company called Alibaba. Yes, that is a real company, not some Disney video. The CEO Hongyi Zhou is under fire from all sides, but on the main street view of things he has $45 million and is a leader of the Chinese internet. His company in one year’s time is about a third of the size of Baidu.

Lawsuits? Do we need to dig into the dirt of American internet things of the past few hours? I think not, and Technically Speaking if you want to read about it, just click this!


One Response to “Qihoo – raises another $?? million for Web 2.0 search”

  1. […] Ucloo, is a search firm that needs some VC dollars from SV! Come on guys, can’t  you see a winning search engine? I mean, hey, the did change up the color scheme just a bit (it is red/yellow/blue, instead of blue/red/yellow). Google might own search here and around other parts of the world, but Ucloo is in the same boat as that other Chinese search engine I talked about a few weeks back – Qihoo! Except Qihoo has it’s money. […]

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