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Posted by rexdixon on November 15, 2006

phonezoo logoPhonezoo is a new FREE ringtone site start up that from what I could gather is invite only still; in beta?

I couldn’t get in to look at the site, as there was actually a hammer beating a nail animation ie.. – the site was under maintenance. From what I read here, it seems like a nice site. Target is the 20 year old college woman, who has 100 friends on MySpace / Facebook.

Technically Speaking – I don’t know why it has to be 100 friends??!?!? Marketing purposes or .. Phone SPAM! 🙂 j/k!


3 Responses to “Phonezoo”

  1. Nics said

    Hey Phonezoo is working great..
    I love this site.. its simply great and very user friendly.

    Did you check? If not.. go ahead and try out man…

  2. wfiblog said

    I found some kick ass ringtones at page.

  3. Its really spectacular … I like the way it has been written … I like your style !
    The FREE word really fascinates me .

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