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Amanda Congdon the Rex Dixon spin

Posted by rexdixon on November 15, 2006

We can watch her flub her lines, and you can all cut on her in the comments. I will say this though, just ask any of the video people such as Scobleizer or any of the podcasters who put out updated content on a regular basis — uhm… well, that would be ME — Rex Dixon – who is typing this out.

Why am I saying anything about this?

I am saying this for the simple fact of — Try it FOOL. If you think it’s easy to deliver 2 minutes of scripted or unscripted talk and make sense – think again! Rex Dixon does 7 Minutes 4 nights a week, and sometimes he does a Coffee show and a Happy Hour show with Mr. Business Golf. I flub lines all the time, talk with a mouthful of sticks at times, and sometimes there are shows where they just totally rock. I also am the editor, the producer, the production, the catering, the beer provider to.. well myself — the talent!

Trust me, video blogging, podcasting and all the media stuff you see is NOT easy. Oh, it’s a blast, it’s fun, and sometimes you really come up with some good shows. Some of the good ones even become GREAT ones over time.

Other times, you wish you could do it all again. BUT.. guess what? The time you spent leaving your bits of flaming and critique is the time that people like myself, Scobleizer, Mr. Business Golf, etc.. the list goes on — do NOT have the luxury of having or getting back.

Our time is dictated by the blogs we need to get out, the podcasts that need to be out, the shows that need edited, well you get the picture folks. Yes, it’s a big crapshoot, but all of us have taken the dive in either seriously or like some I have heard — really really half a$$.

You know what? Even though it might be half up the side of the back of a mountain and sound like it was recorded that way – hey — I applaud them for giving a crack at it, and going through what the serious ones such as Rex Dixon do during the majority of my week.

Amanda has used her skills, and her networking abilities to get to ABC News, and I applaud her work ethic for getting there. Technically Speaking, if you don’t bust your A$$ and yes, shake it a little when need be — you are just leaving snail trails on the internet with your condecending comments and remarks that you leave.

Truthfully? Amanda Congdon is having the time of her life, and if she happens to need say a co-host, or mc to introduce her, or side kick… – She need to look no further then Rex Dixon, Professional BlogCaster! 🙂


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