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Welcome –

Posted by rexdixon on November 14, 2006

www.yourminis.comThis last blog post of news for the moment ties in well for the welcoming of our new and first official sponsor for Technically Speaking — Their logo is to the right and in the right side column (upper right). Please give them a visit and more importantly a tryout. I did, as well as my IBN counterparts (Scot and Lucas). We liked them so much, that we wrote 4 blog posts about them! Look for this blog – Technically Speaking – in and add it as your first RSS feed today!

Now, on to the last blog post of news for today. Sorry, I’m a bit behind, been a busy day for me.

ClickFacts logoClickFacts is a San Francisco startup that fights click fraud. Now that I have sponsor that you have to click or I would like you to click in the upper right corner of this blog, I may have to check this company out further in the future.

Technically Speaking, I’m running way late for a podcasting session!


One Response to “Welcome –”

  1. I refuse to learn more as my brain is just melting. I am looking forward to the holidays ending this year. Seems outr industry has slowed a lot this year.

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