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Zune Madness Starts

Posted by rexdixon on November 13, 2006

ZUNE LOGOOfficially tomorrow (11/14) I guess is the date, right? Do I really care? Has Microsoft contacted Rex Dixon and sent him an early release of Zune? Nope. Since I’m not getting one for FREE, I could care less.

I do know however other people are all excited at the prospect of paying Big Daddy over at Universal Music. How could you not be excited about not only getting a device that has been ripped in the press, but also paying unknowingly a fee to Universal Music?

Technically Speaking, I figure I would cut off the bull at the pass a day early!


One Response to “Zune Madness Starts”

  1. […] What is original rap music? Lest we forget the lawsuits that first hit about sampling? Aerosmith = Run DMC? Vanilla Ice = AC/DC? Come on now, we all borrow a bit here and there, and to outright slam Apple and the iPod revolution is a bit hasty for a device that is already being ripped by the media and online community. […]

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