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Short on Time, Long on News

Posted by rexdixon on November 13, 2006

I always wonder “How come?”. This morning after of course the usual lull of a weekend, every tech site was slammed with news they probably could have released slowly over the weekend. Instead, the drop it down all on one day.

I don’t have the luxury of living in SV, waking up in my millionaire slumber and posting eloquent spots to each one. I do however feel I owe it to my readers to give you the heads up and keep you up to date.

Multiply wants you to form a social network with people you already know. Isn’t that what we use to do in the anyways, call people on the phone and get together with them? Isn’t this something you do anyways without the help of a computer? Vox is also mentioned in the article. I thought the point of online social networks was so that you could be buddies with some dude in India?

Licensa is now helping to license online blogging content.

Aggreg8 don’t know, don’t ask, WTF category. I thought Microsoft was happy with Wallop? Guess it went down the drain already? – should be up and running by now according to the article on TechCrunch.

Technically Speaking, my sayings are all around Chicago these days thanks to Trashy, and now I use one out of context in which he is telling it – Next!


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