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Dell and IBM Dropping big NEWS tomorrow!

Posted by rexdixon on November 13, 2006

dell 2nd lifeDell and IBM are going to drop some big announcements tomorrow. Too bad allot of you won’t hear it or see it, as it’s going to be in the Second Life virtual world. We already heard about Reuters setting up an office in there, and now, I’m actually glad I waited to talk about this as I saw the IBM article earlier, but it wasIBM logo dismissed for a bit.

With Dell in there tomorrow, and IBM dropping like $100 million real money, all I can say is Technically Speaking – Dell – send Rex Dixon a computer that will run in Second Life – as you already know that Rex Dixon should be in there too. Sadly, this computer doesn’t have the needed horsepower nor the graphics card (yes I tried!).


2 Responses to “Dell and IBM Dropping big NEWS tomorrow!”

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