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yourminis — #4!

Posted by rexdixon on November 12, 2006

Yes, over on the IBN we now have 2 people singing the praises of Make it 3 of us! I just finally took the time this morning to set up my page. I will say this, here is a list of advantages I see to it over Netvibes. This here of course is the original article that Mike wrote, and I’m glad he gave this site exposure. Now on to the 3 things I see as really nice (right out of the box; there are more obviously!):
1. A nice suite of entertainment tools.

2. Comics feed – since I have pretty much stopped reading the newspapers regularly since it’s all available online, I haven’t read a funnies page in years. Today, I was able to see one of my favorites – Dilbert for the first time in years – No Lie!

3. Referring to #1 above, it is really nice to have MUSIC integrated smoothly into the system. I like it that it’s new stuff too; I’m not a big fan of everything, but I do like checking out new artists, and what a nice way to do it!

Technically Speaking, I will have to give this site 2 thumbs WAY UP! Nice job!


One Response to “yourminis — #4!”

  1. alex said

    Thanks so much for your review and support…we have a lot of new features coming this week and next including a community around sharing and discovering, rating tabs….stay tuned and please help us grow by spreading the word!

    – alex

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