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Posted by rexdixon on November 12, 2006

podlinez logoPodlinez, I had to give this one a go. This is taking a podcast and putting it on a phone. Mike said this one was dead simple to use, so since it’s early, and I’m on like 3 hours of sleep – I figure this was the one I needed to try first! ie.. more coffee!

Honestly? It’s beyond dead simple. In fact if you can’t figure it out, YOU my reader are really DEAD! Seriously if you can’t follow the very simple instruction (one!) – then you don’t need to be listening to podcasts on the phone, in fact – you probably should be in the passenger seat while going down the road! These are the people that cause accidents while cell’n and drivin’!

Next up, is the other one Mike checked out.

Here below are the podcasts where you can listen to Rex Dixon on the phone:

7 Minutes with Rex Dixon – +1 (818) 688-2729

Coffee with Rex Dixon – +1 (818) 688-2730 


2 Responses to “Podlinez”

  1. […] Fonpads. If you read my write up on Podlinez already, then you probably already know which service I am going to prefer prefer. I’m not saying that Fonpads probably won’t have appeal – but – 1. I’m not signing up or signing in for anything at this point and time, 2. I did add 7 Minutes with Rex Dixon and Coffee with Rex Dixon to their service. […]

  2. Dude,
    You mean I have to get another headset to listen to podcasts on the phone? I can see people wrapped around light poles from trying to listen to the Happy Hour show…

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