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For the female readers – Fantasy Soap

Posted by rexdixon on November 12, 2006

I don’t mean at all to be stereotypical, but I think that this will apply more to the females that read this blog more then the guys. I am guessing, again stereotyping, my male to female readers are like 90% male to 10% female. If you are a male reading this, and like soaps or follow them daily – my apologies, as I am just using raw guessing as far as this is concerned. The above is not meant to be demeaning to any person (male or female) in any way, shape or form to your recreational activities.

We have all heard of fantasy sports – ie.. fantasy football, fantasy baseball, etc… Here is a new one that I never thought could be done. Soap Net is betting that it can. They have a new service called – Fantasy Soap.soap net logo

The object of the game is that you get 3 male and 3 female soap stars and then you are playing for points. Just like fantasy football right? Except I guess you are waiting for things such as – Taking off clothing, waking up from a coma, getting an organ transplant, day dreaming or “monologuing” — when an actor stands alone in a room talking to himself — are each worth a hefty 50 points in Fantasy Soap League.

Sound like fun? If so, Technically Speaking you can leave comments below and let us know how the game is. I do however think that with the spoilers available on the internet, it will be kind of hard to play the game with any type of fairness. It could really crack down on the spoilers being released if the game happens to catch on and become popular. I mean, how would it be to play a fantasy sports game if we knew how the players were going to play from week to week?


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