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Motorola buys Good!

Posted by rexdixon on November 11, 2006

As reported here, it appears that Motorola is trying to give it’s device the Motorola Q a fighting chance in the market dominated by the Blackberry. Good Technologygood technology logo is a Santa Clara wireless messaging company. The fact that RIM was just forced to pay out $612.5 million to NTP bodes well for Good as they have licensed technology from NTP.

Technically Speaking, Rex Dixon likes e-mail, chat, Skype, or phone contact. That is until one of these nice giving companies from above provides Rex Dixon with a Blackberry or Motorola Q for FREE! I would however prefer a Blackberry as my new mobile service supports it! I guess I should really need to start thinking of our group – so maybe you have a group deal – as in FREE for all of us!


7 Responses to “Motorola buys Good!”

  1. Yes, they could send me the Motorola Q, since it is Window’s based, and write my blog on this equipment from the golf course, since that is where I see most people using this equipment. I could do an on course interview and get reviews from players as they go by.

    I could make it worth Motorola’s while to provide the InterMedia Blogging Network with a set of these babies for us to provide our professional opinions on how well they work on mobile blogging. A whole new market opening up right before their eyes…

  2. rexdixon said

    Hey – it’s worth a try right? I would wear a Motorola Q shirt, do a promo spot, give up ad space, whatever they want if they gave us a FREE Motorola Q. Same goes for RIM and Blackberry.

    My new provider is partnered with Blackberry, so that would be my first choice — BUT — if Motorola Q sent in some FREE Q’s.. I guess I would have to get a Technically Speaking business account / number with whatever provider supported it! FREE is always good, and companies should consider letting Rex Dixon and Scot Duke really test their devices out!

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