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Google’s PayPal Killer

Posted by rexdixon on November 11, 2006

Google Checkout logoGoogle Checkout as reported by Mike actually has me thinking. I know that Mike sees it as a PayPal killer, and says he has been watching it close. I do wish Google luck on getting this as the new standard by offering the waiving of transaction fees until the end of the year in order to attract merchants to use it. The thing I question though, is PayPal finally ready to be killed off? Why do I say this?

Rex Dixon use to be on Yahoo’s service which I thought was actually better then PayPal at the time. I had a personal go around with PayPal, so I am not at ALL supporting them. What I am saying though, is that you have to remember, the time I was enticed by Yahoo’s service (new back then), I was hoping for the same thing.

The point here? Yahoo’s stock was higher at the time then Google’s. Technically Speaking, I stand by my earlier prediction of the 18 month change of Google being dominate. I would rather then blindly jump on the Google bandwagon, I would rather continue to be on the lookout for the next Google. It may be there already, or it may still be in start up stages. Don’t get me wrong, I do like what Google has accomplished, but I tend to side on the side of history, history doesn’t lie.


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