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Posted by rexdixon on November 10, 2006 – which I found via Scobleizer’s post here, looks to be a nice smooth with more visual impact Netvibe type of service. I may start using it side by side Netvibes to compare the two. Scobleizer has had some good posts go down in the past few hours, as I also was able to get some validation for IBN being around.

Technically Speaking, Friday’s are great!


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  2. OK, have cooking. Like the colors and the user friendliness and the BUSINESS feeds and I now see why you liked it…the pictures of the chicks in tight leather….yaw, that would out do NetVibes’ Autumn Trees Collogue

  3. […] – I already wrote about this site yesterday in Rex Dixon quick hit style. I for one personally speaking am glad though that Mike took the time to write his eloquent article. I am thinking that they will be really popular quickly, as shortly after I posted my I guess we shall now refer to it as part 1 blog post, Mr. Business Golf decided to check it out and once again, as he did before is light years ahead of Rex Dixon in this aspect! […]

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  5. […] This last blog post of news for the moment ties in well for the welcoming of our new and first official sponsor for Technically Speaking – — Their logo is to the right and in the right side column (upper right). Please give them a visit and more importantly a tryout. I did, as well as my IBN counterparts (Scot and Lucas). We liked them so much, that we wrote 4 blog posts about them! Look for this blog – Technically Speaking – in and add it as your first RSS feed today! […]

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