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Microsoft in bed with Universal Music

Posted by rexdixon on November 9, 2006

There are multiple reports about Microsoft Universal Music – and the new Zune scheduled for release in about a week now. Gigaom compares it to the Music Mafia, Engadget has a nice quote from Doug Morris and the NY Times, just go read it!

Technically Speaking, what if more people are downloading a week’s worth of 7 Minutes with Rex Dixon, or waking up and smelling the Coffee with Rex Dixon and putting those on their Zune? Doug, you gonna fork some of the millions over to Rex Dixon? Doubt it! Scam as always, and Om is more correct – it is a Music Mafia!


2 Responses to “Microsoft in bed with Universal Music”

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  2. […] Remember when Zune came out? I’m sure everyone does. Remember how it leaked that the main man from Doug Morris was all over it? […]

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