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Amie Street Newsletter

Posted by rexdixon on November 9, 2006

Thanks for supporting Amie Street and making our public launch a huge success! We are pleased to announce that Business Week has chosen Amie Street on its list of the top 25 entrepreneurs under 25-years-old in the U.S., and a partnership with Free The Children to raise money for childrens´ education and development all over the world. And as always, we have fantastic new music for you at the best prices.

Business Week Picks Amie Street

Your support and enthusiasm is the reason why Amie Street has started with such a bang, and why Business Week chose the three founders of Amie Street as the Top 25 Entrepreneurs Under 25-years-old. We would appreciate if you could take a minute to check it out, and vote for us if you are so inclined, as it is great press for Amie Street. Vote on Businessweek

Amie Street Partners with Free The Children Charity

A huge thanks to Free the Children, a wonderful charity that has teamed up with Amie Street to raise money for children´s education and development all over the world. Buy the Sonny Fortune and State Radio songs on the homepage and all proceeds go to Free The Children.

Invite a Friend, Get Free Downloads

Also, invite a friend to Amie Street and get more music for FREE. It´s really easy, just click on the “Invite a Friend” box in the top right corner on every page, and for every person you invite who signs up we give you a free recommendation. When you recommend songs that go up in price, we give you credit back into your account to spend on more music.

Keep the Feedback Coming

Last but not least, all of us at Amie Street want to thank everyone who has given us feedback about the site. We really appreciate the time and energy you spend to help make Amie Street better, and we hope you have noticed that everything we build on Amie Street comes from our members´ suggestions.


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