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It is COOL – Riya –

Posted by rexdixon on November 8, 2006

Okay, so sue me right? I went to bed early and missed the big unveiling of Riya’s new like.comLike logo search. I know the shoppers are going to love it, as well as eBay types, and the ones with nothing better to do then to type in “ugly watch”. I do however say that I will have to agree with Scobleizer defending the technology. He is truly right in saying, quoting Scobleizer from the above TechCrunch article comments, ” Would you have bet against Google eight years ago?” unquote.

Technically Speaking, eight years ago most of us were still swearing by altavista!


4 Responses to “It is COOL – Riya –”

  1. Steve said

    It’s a great site in a very interesting area. They have one competitor in this area, PIXSTA, who launched Chez Imelda a few weeks ago. Looking at both sites, i prefer the Chez Imelda site for a purist’s shopping experience, although the RIYA site is fun to use.

  2. […] iLike (beta) – is nothing like the that we all buzzed about yesterday. No, this is a music social site, or social music site. Whatever it wants to be called, it is NOT – you know – shoes, jewelry, watches! […]

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