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Dell rides the Clovertown

Posted by rexdixon on November 8, 2006

Looks like Dell is going to start taking orders today. Riding the Clovertown should be an interesting ride. I wonder if it will have any math overflow issues. I’m really deeply into the past this morning for some reason, at least in my brain. I was thinking way back to that fantastic release of the Pentium chip, the first one! Dell said its new Xeon 5300-based PowerEdge servers and Dell Precision workstations deliver up to 63 percent greater performance and up to 40 percent enhanced performance per watt than its four-socket systems based on Intel’s dual-core processors.

Technically Speaking, Rex Dixon always, always advises never to get the latest greatest hottest hardware item until enough big companies have bought it first. There is no reason for the consumer to buy the newest and fastest chip on the block. Everyone seems to forget that today’s fastest computer or server will be considered obsolete or mid line in about 18 months or less. Folks, that isn’t that long of time! Oh, btw, Rex Dixon is always open for NEW Hardware that is given to Rex Dixon for demo and review purposes!


One Response to “Dell rides the Clovertown”

  1. […] Dell has taken the lead on this, and should be delivering the first bunch of servers in early 2007. I guess maybe places like, well – – could use the horsepower to do more then search shoes, purses, and jewelry! Of course, Rex Dixon already talked about this earlier in the day. I think that even the IT female types are skeptical of the new site, and I don’t blame them. […]

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