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BrightCove, Another point of view on Riya

Posted by rexdixon on November 8, 2006

brightcove beta logoBrightcove. Remember that classic movie called “The Money Pit“. What I am starting to see is allot of “Nero is fiddling, Rome is burning.” attitude. I can’t stress how important it is for them to sit back and listen to the last Coffee with Rex Dixon show. More power to them. No, that wasn’t a remark about this company.

The site Riya is right now geared towards woman’s fashion, and Liz over at GigaOm chimed in with this comment quote ” Riya CEO Munjal Shah showed me a bunch of searches that worked really well, like strappy red high heels and a busily patterned bag, but when we got off-script with a shiny necklace, the results were much more unimpressive. ” unquote. In other words – 250 servers x 20 Gigs of RAM and all we can search is Shoes and Handbags at the moment.

Technically Speaking, I’m not in the market for either one.


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