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New Online Ad Techniques

Posted by rexdixon on November 7, 2006

When I first saw this, it was like deja vu or something. Wasn’t it only a few weeks ago that Scot Duke and I did a Coffee with Rex Dixon show, or was it two?

NOW I have figured out who is sneaking a listen to the shows! It’s quite obvious, as this is the second time I have seen a direct reference from either show – Coffee with Rex Dixon or the Happy Hour with Mr. Business Golf show.

Technically Speaking, I am glad that you are listening to the shows, but hey — how about a plug every now and again? How about a “Technically Speaking the idea came to us as we were listening to the Coffee show or the Happy Hour show.”

Behavioral targeting, along with massive data collection, user tracking and audience profiling allows marketers to more accurately match advertising with users. When users visit a site, they are assigned a non-personally identifying number.


One Response to “New Online Ad Techniques”

  1. Rex,
    I think you need to get a cup of Espresso for this guy at TACODA…come on, “targeting methods”…I call if special forces snipers…

    One internet user at a time using AdBlocker Plus to shield from this type of ‘behavioral targeting’ will soon dry up the number of targets they have…

    get with it TACODA, go for the sure thing and let viewers find what they want and quit THINKING that we want what you are “targeting” us for…

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