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Dell Looking for New Executive

Posted by rexdixon on November 7, 2006

Michael Dell has put out the want ads — he wants to revamp his management team. I don’t blame the guy, he needs someone like Rex Dixon and Scot Duke in there. I agree with what this article says – the team he has now has gotten old on the job.

It happens all the time Mike, wake up and smell the Coffee with Rex Dixon, and get fired up with some 7 Minutes with Rex Dixon. After that, you just need to stop by the bag room and have a chat with Mr. Business Golf or even just sit down and kick it at a Happy Hour with Mr. Business Golf.

What it sounds like to me is that his current operations person didn’t read Scot’s book – How To Play Business Golf – nor did his sales staff! Now of course, you can just stop on in and read Scot’s blog anytime, as Scot always says, “How can I help?” — Mike – that’s what is missing from your management team today!

Don’t feel bad Mike, I’m sure you will find a new management team that works again. It’s not rocket science. I said it before, and I’ll say it again – “this internet thing moves at the speed of light, you stand still and you get left behind in a flash!” or… “you never will know it all concerning the IT biz, never.” ; you can quote me on that Mike in your next keynote – that’s Technically Speaking and all coming straight up from Rex Dixon.


3 Responses to “Dell Looking for New Executive”

  1. […] Keep an eye on this, as a source told VentureBeat that there would be a shuffle at They are going to put this aside as a “rumor” for now, but you can bet, it’s probably going to be true and confirmed later down the road. I just posted a blog yesterday addressing Dell’s management restructure. I’m sure Microsoft can’t comment until some place (main media) gets their hands or article in and out there first. Technically Speaking, the mainstream media needs to catch up. No one said a race was fair, and these other guys are beating you main media types to the punch everytime. Why? Because they still have to quote another thing from way back —- they still have “The Eye Of The Tiger“! […]

  2. Yes,
    I could see where I could be of some help at Dell. I know of a real nice place in Austin I could set up shop for Mike…maybe I need to have Rex Dixon as my agent/headhunter. Let me know how I can help…

  3. ООО..давно искал. Забрал в букмарки. Автор, пишите почаще..не забрасывайте блог…Кстати не мешало бы диз поменять.

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