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Posted by rexdixon on November 7, 2006

DailyStrength logoDailyStrength is a new social network that that seems to actually tap the root of what social networking should be about. Now if we can get a true business network, and not a business dating network up and running, things in the social network universe would be absolutely — ???? — Technically Speaking, fill in the ???? with your own eureka statement!


2 Responses to “DailyStrength”

  1. […] DailyStrength, is the dot com site. This had me momentarily confused with DailyStrength dot ORG. You readers remember my laughable lashing of that site right? The news on the dot COM site is that it just raised first round funding from Redpoint Ventures. […]

  2. While I do think Daily Strength is a good website, I happen to enjoy a social networking site called Medsocial, The reason being is it still has great health realted topics in its forum and blog sections but it also allows its user to have fun with the site too. You can create a profile, upload pics and tell about yourself. Create a friendlist and also e-mail users back and forth too. It is kind of a medical myspace, which is what makes it the best of both worlds.

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