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Rex Dixon – Professional BlogCaster raises $15 million, Brazil Electronic Voting

Posted by rexdixon on November 6, 2006 raised $15 million in a new round of funding from Gannett Co., Tribune Company, and The McClatchy Company. The company scans the net for news, blogs, etc… Comscore has them at 3.9 million unique visits, but their internal tracker says 9 million. This blog (yes, this one – Technically Speaking) – according to Alexa had a “reach” of 10.5 million yesterday, and 6.5 million reach over 1 week. Rex Dixon says, “Where is MY $15 million?” 🙂

Brazil says that the federal government should be held accountable for letting vendors sell inferior machines to the voting public.

Technically Speaking – it’s early November 6th, and tomorrow is election day here in the USA – November 7th. If you have problems, let Rex Dixon be your solution!


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