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Microsoft Virtual Earth, 500 MHz 512-core math co-processor, 7 Minutes with Rex Dixon – NEW!

Posted by rexdixon on November 6, 2006

Microsoft Virtual Earth. Check it out on Live Search LogoUsers with Vista-ready Windows computers and IE 6 or 7 will be able to navigate through an aerial view of 15 select cities with enough detail to discern the texture of buildings and read clickable billboards from the likes of Fox, Nissan and John L. Scott Real Estate. Virtual Earth 3D is expected to expand to cover up to 100 cities around the world by the end of next summer.

Japanese computer scientists at the University of Tokyo have built a 500MHz 512-core math co-processor chip that can perform up to 512 billion floating-point operations per second.

The NEW improved – with NEW logo7 Minutes with Rex Dixon Logo7 Minutes with Rex Dixon 11/6/2006 is now online – also — with NEW intro – and NEW exit music.

This week’s sponsor is – The College Voice – re-launch party is November 12th in NYC read the blog post that I wrote back on October 25th about them. The College Voice logo

I would like to especially thank Scot Duke Mr. Business Golf for creating the new logo for 7 Minutes with Rex Dixon, as well as providing the voice for the new intro.

Give his site a visit, and consider booking him for a seminar or buy his book – How To Play Business Golf, and THEN book him for the full on seminar experience.

This can only be described as the most exciting thing to happen to Business Golf since the first CEO said to his VP’s, “Let’s go play some golf with so and so company and see if we can do Business Golf.” Many years later – Scot Duke has put it all together – the wrong, the right, and how to do it successfully and he wants to share that knowledge with you!

Technically Speaking, that will probably be all for this evening and today – listen to the podcast – and be careful tomorrow – mid-term Election Day here in the USANovember 7th!


One Response to “Microsoft Virtual Earth, 500 MHz 512-core math co-processor, 7 Minutes with Rex Dixon – NEW!”

  1. WebTuga said

    Microsoft Virtual Earth 3D

    A Microsoft tem um novo serviço chamado Virtual Earth 3D.
    Este serviço permite-lhe verificar o mapa mundo como o Google Earth, no entanto no serviço disponibilizado pelo Google só vê algumas cidades a 3D, no entanto os prédios aparecem em tons d…

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