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Zamzar, DropSend 4 Sale, Weebly

Posted by rexdixon on November 5, 2006

Zamzar logoZamzar is a free online conversion tool. Personally speaking, I don’t see a market for this. I would rather convert my files on my own. I guess though, there are people who would rather not have a workstation based conversion tool. I did see the comment where it looks like that would be another application creation that would probably be good to write.

DropSend LogoDropSend is now for sale. This is kind of interesting in the fact that the latest Coffee with Rex Dixon goes into detail about the internet, venture capitalist’s, and where we are going with it all. Be careful is all I can say, just remember all the cool “hair bands” from the 80’s. If you don’t get the comparison – then you must listen to the latest Coffee with Rex Dixon #3.

Weebly is a web site creation tool. This isn’t a bad idea, Weebly Logobut can it compete or come out with something unique that will entice users to actually start using it in masses? That is the big question I have about it.

Technically Speaking, the 3 featured sites – all – need to listen to the latest Coffee with Rex Dixon! Coffee with Rex Dixon


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  1. Stratumseind horecafraude Eindhoven

    75 cents off a tube of Colgate made it almost free and a 35 cent off Softsoap pump, made it dirt cheap. Oh and I had a 75 cent off cereal manufacturers coupon and then a Harris Teeter 1. 50 off cereal that I used together to get three boxes of cereal f…

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