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Interview with Howard Tager, CSO/EVP TeleFlip Inc.

Posted by rexdixon on November 4, 2006

TeleFlip LogoTeleflip was a company that I blogged about on Thursday. I think they have a unique service to offer, and I encourage all my readers that are into text messaging to give them a try. Their service seems to be very popular, and gaining.

Lucky for Rex Dixon, I caught up for a quick 5 question interview with Howard Tager, the CSO/EVP of Teleflip, Inc. Here is what he had to say:

Q: How did you become part of the company – Teleflip?

A: Well, I am a serial entrepreneur and last summer had been discussing a number of new ventures with the current CEO, Tony Davis, who I have known for quite some time. He mentioned Teleflip as one compelling opportunity that had been brought to him.

I didn’t think too much of it at the time, but when I was coming back from a wireless conference in Berlin, and needed to make a last minute hotel reservation in Amsterdam, the Amex agent asked if she could email or fax me the confirmation and details of where I was staying. Since I was using a regular cell phone and was traveling, I told her that neither option would work.

Then, I remembered Tony’s explanation of the Teleflip service and told her to email me my confirmation to As soon as I landed in Amsterdam, I had everything I needed sitting right on my cell phone as a text message. I could then direct the cab driver to my hotel and felt comfortable that I was walking into the hotel with a confirmation in hand.

I got really intrigued at that point and spent the entire plane ride back to LA brainstorming ideas for Teleflip and both consumer and business applications of the technology.

Q: Your site states 3 million flips and 100,000 return users, do you see an actual trend of numbers steadily climbing, or are they leveling off?

A: The service has been around for a while as a free technology and quite honestly not that many people had heard about it. In just the last couple of months the company has been funded and a great management team has been assembled. We are in the midst of an incredible three-month technology build-out which we believe will make Teleflip a ubiquitous form of communication and a household brand name.

The new company has not yet done a stitch of PR or marketing, yet everyday new businesses inquire about and purhcase our services. We are having our “coming out” party at Ad:Tech this coming Monday and do not expect to look back after that. So, although the numbers of Teleflippers has been steadily rising, we expect an incredible spike up in the use of Teleflip in the coming months.

Q: What is the best thing you could tell someone that has never heard of you about the company Teleflip?

A: Don’t make things too complicated. We are simply the ability to send an email, from any email program to any cell phone. It’s easier than typing out a text message on a phone, but has the speed and reach of a sms (text) message. Try it out for free for a while and you’ll see how habit forming it will become.

Q: How many employees does the company Teleflip currently have? Are you hiring more people and what currently are your companies needs?

A: We are small in terms of the number of employees and don’t ever expect to get too big. Yes, we are hiring, but at a slow and steady pace.

Q: Do you have any final words for my readers on Technically Speaking?

A: Keep a close eye on us! We have some incredible enhancements (plug-ins, aliases, report functionality, longer message lengths, etc.) coming in the very near future and one killer application which is really going to put us on the map and piss off a lot of really big companies. I can’t wait!

In the mean time, enjoy Teleflip for free (currently up to 500 messages per month) and I know you will find it to be an incredibly valuable, and irreplaceable new way to communicate.

Rex, I’d like to thank you again for taking some time with Teleflip and I’m always available to answer your or your reader’s questions.

Technically Speaking, I want to thank Howard Tager for taking the time out of his busy day to answer the questions I sent to him. I encourage any company that I have posted about to contact me if you’d like to be interviewed by Rex Dixon. Interviews are a great way to spread your message to the masses!


4 Responses to “Interview with Howard Tager, CSO/EVP TeleFlip Inc.”

  1. Is Howard looking for a COO? I like what TeleFlip has to offer and I can confirm that the Text Message market is growing since I did experience first hand the Ups and downside of Text Messaging during one of my lectures. Half of the attendees who had Blackberry’s and cellphones were more busy text messaging to their office during my lecture and the other half was text messaging to their friends about my lectures on Business Golf…so this media can work both ways…. I’ll look forward to you keeping the InterMedia Blog Network Group advised on TeleFlip…

  2. Caz said


    Looked around on your site to see if you had an e-mail listed, but I guess you don’t. Don’t worry, it’s a good sign, so I know you’re busy. Here’s a post for you instead. Reply when you have time.

    I just saw this, and a little ticker ad above it for another one of your posts about “Meebo”, and something jarred my mind enough to post you.

    Have you ever heard of “Meemo”? It’s something that you’d be interested in, judging by your other posts (I had a look around). It’s a service that basically gives any phone mobile e-mail for 5 bucks a month in Canada, and 6 in America. I used the trial a few months back, then signed up. It basically gives me a blackberry for 5 bucks a month on top of my phone. Anyway, keep doin’ what you’re doin’. Check out Meemo – it’s a subject that would make a good post. Google it.


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