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Digg and Netscape, Sequoia Voting “feature”, Oracle and Red Hat

Posted by rexdixon on November 4, 2006

digg logoDigg users are feeling snubbed according to Mike. I have to agree with him, and Kevin Rose should know better, as look what happened to TechTV when it was turned into G4.

Netscape along the same lines now, has been experimenting with a Digg Clonenetscape logo experiment.

Vote Early, Vote Often. When I was a kid and lived down in Georgia, that was the bigSequoia logo joke amongst allot of the old school guys my dad would meet. Whenever there was an election, that was their catch phrase,”You gotta vote son. Vote Early, Vote Often.” Apparently Sequoia took this to heart in building their voting machines.

I really hate to push this issue, but the only fair vote is the Write In vote. Write In – Rex Dixon next Tuesday, let’s see how “fair” these voting machines really are! This all started as a joke basically when I saw that the voting machines would make it easier to write in candidates with a nice keyboard touch function. No accidental miss-spelling of write in candidates, and no issues on is “Jim Simpson” really “James Simpson” and possibly “Jimbo Simpson“.

Make no mistake about it, if you are having issues on Tuesday November 7th – the election workers are volunteers and can NOT help you! The only help is to sigh, andRex Dixon - Professional BlogCaster go,”Well my choice is have the vote go to the other candidateORWRITE IN – REX DIXON — can’t mess that up, right? R-E-X D-I-X-O-N8 letters… I don’t go by “Rexy” nor do I go by “Robert or Rob or Joe, Jim, James, or RexFeller, RockingRex, etc.. ” — it’s simple – WRITE IN – REX DIXON.

Oracle and Red Hat. The main reason I feel we have Microsoft and Novell (SUSE).

Technically Speaking, I have a great interview coming up in my next post!


One Response to “Digg and Netscape, Sequoia Voting “feature”, Oracle and Red Hat”

  1. DIGG or Not to DIGG,
    Rex, I think we should take DIGG to Coffee and give them a good reaming. Neither of us can get any of our stories to the front page of Digg no matter how many DIGG’s we get and it looks like we are just a couple of the 100’s of thousands who also are wasting a lot of time bring original articles, blogs and Podcasts to be placed on DIGG only to be told, ‘This Subject has already been posted’…wtf…a nice pot of boiling coffee should get our point across..don’t ya think?

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