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Amberjack, Scot Duke and Netvibes

Posted by rexdixon on November 3, 2006

Amberjack is a way to give a tour of your web site. Amberjack LogoThat could be very interesting to use for people with full on domains running. I have a few, I might have to give it try soon.

Scot DukeMr. Business Golf. Scot has been on me for a few weeks now after I told him,”Hey Scot, you should try one of these feed things, I read that Netvibes is the ticket, give it a try.

Well as Rex Dixon went off pursuing more news in the tech world, Scot between his Mr. Business Golf show, and his Happy Hour with Mr. Business Golf showuhm — not to mention his blog called Business Golf and of course the ever so important seminars for his bookHow To Play Business Golf – he sets his Netvibes up.

What does Rex Dixon do? He goes about it the “hard way” as usual. In the past few days, every chance Scot has had he has mentioned, “Hey Rex, uhm, you set up your Netvibes yet?” Rex of course didn’t, or had some sort of thing going on such as internet issues.

Finally last night into today, I set mine up. Netvibes does rock, and I want to say THANK YOU Mr. Business Golf for staying on me about getting it set up! Technically Speaking, it’s been an extremely slow news day folks, time to go out to dinner now!


4 Responses to “Amberjack, Scot Duke and Netvibes”

  1. Eric said

    Hey, netvibes does rock. But its business model does not rock.

    Check out my strategic assessment of netvibes at my blog.

  2. rexdixon said

    I will do that, thanks for the comment Eric.


  3. Rex,

    Yep, just like Business Golf, NetVibes provides me what I need to know when I need to know it which is RIGHT NOW… Thanks for the kudo’s, back at ya for letting be on your Coffee with Rex Dixon Show..

  4. […] – I already wrote about this site yesterday in Rex Dixon quick hit style. I for one personally speaking am glad though that Mike took the time to write his eloquent article. I am thinking that they will be really popular quickly, as shortly after I posted my I guess we shall now refer to it as part 1 blog post, Mr. Business Golf decided to check it out and once again, as he did before is light years ahead of Rex Dixon in this aspect! […]

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