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Microsoft to announce partnership with Novell?

Posted by rexdixon on November 2, 2006

Maybe! I don’t know but Scobleizer seems to think that could be the ticket. He points outmicrosoft the Novell stock is way down, and mysteriously going up today (up +1.26 at this writing and climbing!)well – we all will know in a couple of hours. Reuters is reporting it as such, and once again here. I’ll probably find out later, as Technically Speaking I have a podcast to cut still today!


One Response to “Microsoft to announce partnership with Novell?”

  1. […] Interoperability – Novell/Microsoft Collab Day 2 This has been a crazy few days around Microsoft. I have not slept much, nor have the folks on the deal team, in the product groups, on the PR team, at our PR agency, and in conversations with the Novell guys they are in pretty much the same condition. At this point I don’t time for my own analysis, I’ll blog more about that stuff later. I’d like to thank my PR agency Waggener Edstrom for compiling this. Here are some of the folks writing about this deal. I’ll blog more when I have had some sleep.  Before the media links. We have been updating the website and will continue to do so. The site had to wait for the ink to be dry on the deal before we could build it, so it is not much more than some text blocks today. I’ve got folks working on that, and we will continue to update it as more info becomes available and as things like the tech collab work starts to get off the ground.  OK – here are the links:    AFX Microsoft to partner with Linux rival Novell – report By: Staff Writer November  2, 2006 20:05 Pick-up: Lifestyle Extra Forbes   Ars Technica Strange bedfellows: Microsoft, Novell ink pact By Eric Bangeman November 2, 2006   The Associated Press Microsoft, Novell May Partner on Linux By Michael Liedke Nov. 2, 2006, Pick-up: CentreDaily,com Euro2day Houston Chronicle Ledger-Enquirer Monterey Herald Worcester Telegraph BusinessWeek Boston Globe KESQ KGO-TV   BetaNews WSJ: Microsoft and Novell to Announce Linux Partnership By Scott M. Fulton, III November 2, 2006   Bloomberg Microsoft, Novell Agree to Make Software Compatible, People Say By Jonathan Thaw November 2, 2006 Full Text Here   Bloomberg Novell Shares Surge After Report of Agreement With Microsoft By Rochelle Garner Nobember 2, 2006 Full Text here   Barron’s Online (update 1) Microsoft In Pact With Novell On Sales Support For Suse Linux; Novell Shares Jump, Red Hat Falls By Eric Savitz November 2, 2006, 2:54 pm   CBC News Microsoft, Novell team up to bridge divide Staff November 2, 2006 Pick-up: ZDNET (AU)   Cleveland Leader Microsoft, Linux Forge Partnership By Julie November 2, 2006 Microsoft, Novell announce Linux partnership By: Steven J. Vaughan-Nichols November 2, 2006     Dow Jones News Service Microsoft, Novell Partnership Shows Linux Is Here To Stay By Carmen Fleetwood 2 November 2006 Full text here   Enterprise Open Source Magazine Novell Shares Spike 20% As Wall St Journal Reports Microsoft To Start Reselling SUSE LINUX Red Hat Shares in the Meantime Fall 3.2% By: Enterprise Open Source News Desk Nov. 2, 2006   Forbes Microsoft Linux? By Daniel Lyons November 2, 2006   IDG News Service Reports: Microsoft, Novell to strike Linux deal Elizabeth Montalbano November 02, 2006 Pick up: ComputerWorld InfoWorld   itWire Microsoft deal with Novell to support Suse Linux        By Stan Beer   November 3, 2006   MarketWatch Microsoft follows Oracle into Linux market: report By Ben Charny November 2, 2006   Puget Sound Business Journal Microsoft signs deal with Novell By: Staff November 2, 2006   Ramblings of a Twisted Mind (blog) Microsoft Linux? By: Staff Writer Nov. 2nd, 2006 at 9:55 PM   Red Herring (Update 2) Holy $%@&*!: Microsoft, Novell in Linux Pact The deal could position Microsoft to blunt rival Oracle’s Linux push. By: Staff Writer November 2, 2006!%26nbsp%3BMicrosoft%2C+Novell+in+Linux+Pact&sector=Industries&subsector=Computing   The Register (UK) Microsoft to support Novell’s cancer By Gavin Clarke in San Francisco → More by this authorPublished November 2, 2006   Reuters UPDATE 2-Microsoft, Novell reach agreement on Linux-source By Staff November 2, 2006 Pick-up: CNN   Reuters  (update 1) Microsoft, Novell to link on open-source-WSJ By: Staff Writer Thu Nov 2, 2006 2:32pm ET Pick-up: CRN (Austria) VARBusiness Nouvel Observateur MSN Money, UK Reuters Canada La Reuters América Latina The Washington Post   Red Herring Microsoft, Novell in Linux Pact By: Staff Writer November 2, 2006   San Jose Mercury News Micosoft reported to strike a deal with Novell’s open-source Linux By Ryan Blitstein November 2, 2006 Pick-up: Pioneer Press   San Jose Mercury News online Tabloid shockers: Will Microsoft hook up with Novell? Has Nvidia dumped downtown S.J.? By Frank Michael Russell November 2, 2006 Microsoft, Novell in Linux Link By Bill Snyder November 2, 2006   SYS-CON Media Novell Shares Spike 20% As Wall St Journal Reports Microsoft To Start Reselling SUSE LINUX By Staff November 2, 2006   UPI News Microsoft Corp to form partnership with Novell Inc By Staff November 2nd, 2006 Pick-up: Alaska Report Microsoft and Novell rumored in Linux partnership By Tom Sanders November 2, 2006 Pick-Up: WhatPC? Computing UK   Wall Street Journal (The Evening Wrap Up) Microsoft, Novell in Linux Partnership By Tim Annett November 2, 2006 Full Text Here   WordPress Microsoft to announce partnership with Novell? Posted by rexdixon November 2, 2006       Blogs (blog) Microsoft, Novell reach agreement on Linux-source By Bink November 2, 2006   Blogspot (blog) Microsoft and Novell – Foes Now Friends? Posted by MR WAVETHEORY November 2, 2006   Blogging Stocks (blog) Microsoft And Linux: Keep your friends close and your enemies closer By Douglas McIntyre November 2, 2006   Channel (blog) Microsoft Linux – it’s official. Posted by: Rossj November 2, 2006   CNet (blog) Microsoft to do a Linux deal with Novell? By Stephen Shankland November 2, 2006   CRN (Barb Darrow’s Unblog) Hell Freezes Over And Microsoft, Novell Team On Linux By Barbara Darrow, November 2, 2006  (blog) Linux Software on Windows? By: adam k November 2, 2006   Geekzone (blog) Microsoft and Novell Announce Collaboration on Windows and Linux Interoperability and Support Staff November 2, 2006   GizBuzz (blog) Microsoft and Novell entering Linux-based partnership By: Chris November 2, 2006   INFOWORLD TECH WATCH (Blog) Three reasons why Microsoft will put Linux on their desktop Posted by Ephraim Schwartz November 02, 2006   Kung Fu Apps (Blog) Microsoft Partners With Novell Raj Bala November 2, 2006 (blog) Microsoft to Announce Linux Partnership Posted by Tom Warren November 2, 2006   NixCraft (blog) Microsoft is all set to help Novell Linux Posted by nixcraft November 02, 2006   Seattle P-I (blog) Report: Microsoft, Novell in Linux partnership By Todd Bishop November 2, 2006   Seattle Times (blog) What’s Steve gonna say? Linux love… By Benjamin J. Romano November 2, 2006   Slashdot (blog) Microsoft to Announce Linux Partnership Posted by Zonk November 2, 2006 Pick-up: Afterslash: BlogMotel Naik’s News Habbo Forum   Tech News (Blog) Microsoft + Linux = Minix? Posted by Jeremy Steele November 2, 2006   ZDNET(blog) The world just isn’t ready for Linux Posted By Adrian Kingsley-Hughes November 2, 2006   ZDNet (blog) Microsoft and Novell: Fox marries chicken, both move into henhouse By Dana Gardner November 2, 2006   ZDNET (blog) Microsoft and Novell in Windows-Linux deal? By Ed Bott  November 2, 2006   ZDNET (blog) Might Microsoft and Novell make a deal? By: Mary Jo Foley November 2, 2006   Filed under: Interoperability, Interop   […]

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