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Google Surpasses Channel 4 (UK), Another good reason

Posted by rexdixon on November 2, 2006

Google UKIt appears that Google’s advertising revenue is passing up Channel 4 in the UK. This sort of relates to my last blog post on the TV moving to the internet in masses. Well at least allot of TV is!

Another good reason that I do the quick hit posting is painfully felt by this guy. He was originally writing the article on Orkut and MySpace, but guess what? The professional bloggers over at TechCrunch beat him to the post online. I would read his though, as his research was really in depth.

Technically Speaking, now it’s time to create some new music for the podcast – 7 Minutes with Rex Dixon. I originally had planned on debuting some new intro and exit music for the November 1st show, but if you listened to that show, you can hear why I sort of ran out of time last night. No big deal right? The show didn’t go online until this morning November 2nd anyways!


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