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Big Fat Everything – CD Release – Saturday November 11th

Posted by rexdixon on November 2, 2006

Yes, I use to be a musician. I still am I guess, but not in a band, not doing anything withBig Fat Everything that talent at this time. This band – Big Fat Everything – I met the bass player a long time ago or so seems (like 6 years ago). Those days and South Dakota shows with my old band seem like a lifetime ago. Anyways, they have a web site (linked above), a MySpace page, and if you are local to St. Louis, MO and not busy on Saturday night November 11th – you should go check them out. CD release parties – Yeah, Rex Dixon has done that too — and there is nothing like playing to that CD release crowd. So make it a great CD release party for these guys — get out and support them on Saturday November 11th! Check out some of their tunes right here.

Speaking of music, that was what my last post said I was going to do — so Technically Speaking, I think there is more then enough for you to read now… until after your lunch break!


One Response to “Big Fat Everything – CD Release – Saturday November 11th”

  1. Toni M. Puzzo, D.C. said

    When is the next show?????

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