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Orkut, Ugenie, Zoomr, Charles River, Scrybe

Posted by rexdixon on November 1, 2006

Orkut appears to be more popular then MySpace. Or are the numbers real?

Ugenie is a new shopping aggregator by two former Amazon executives.

{{{ Sigh }}} Another photo upstart called Zoomr has doubled Flickr’s monthly photo upload limit. They are still in beta.

Charles River Ventures. I think that is where Rex Dixon is heading with the biz plan! They have launched a new “Quick Start” link that is suppose to be working by today.

Scrybe launched in beta last night. Technically Speaking, Scrybe looks like they have a great product from the video we all saw.


2 Responses to “Orkut, Ugenie, Zoomr, Charles River, Scrybe”

  1. Orkut – the undiscovered country, or is it?

    Have you heard about how Orkut is dying?  How MySpace is king of the mountain and Facebook and Bebo are hot on the heels of No.1 MySpace?
    With all these talk of MySpace and how Yahoo! buying Facebook will change everything and create a powerf…

  2. madhan.s said

    how to open orkut from bloged sites.

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