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Homezone, Charter loses $133 million

Posted by rexdixon on November 1, 2006

Want to have a movie waiting when you get home? There’s a new alternative to stopping by the video store: AT&T Homezone, which marries the company’s high-speed Internet service with satellite television.

Rex Dixon wakes up this morning, grabs his cup of coffee and sits down at the computer. Guess what? The cable modem was down! So after spending like 20 minutes talking to a voice activated system and troubleshooting – I get of course someone in INDIA!!!!!

Anyways, don’t come crying to me Charter because you lost $133 million. MAYBE if you would have not shipped jobs out of America, MAYBE you would have had a decent quarter and made some money.

Technically Speaking, karma even gets companies and it bites you HARD! Okay, I’m relaxed, sipping on my cup of coffee now.


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