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Inside Facebook – this week’s sponsor

Posted by rexdixon on October 30, 2006

Inside Facebook is this week’s sponsor on the 7 Minutes with Rex Dixon show.Inside Facebook Tonight’s show is up online, give it a listen.

* Google
* Copper
* SPAM – watch out for slow e-mail on 10/31/2006!

All this plus – our sponsor for this week — Inside Facebook – — hear it all on this 7 Minutes with Rex Dixon!


2 Responses to “Inside Facebook – this week’s sponsor”

  1. […] There is a section where you can play trade, or another words – not risk a dime of your own money. I did a podcast on the whole copper trading triangulation theory. Give that a listen, and if you think it’s worth a shot, then I would head on over to […]

  2. […] Next up I would like to thank the first legit sponsor of the podcast, which was that book – Inside Facebook – which actually kept me up reading when I should have been sleeping! I mean you do know that Rex Dixon wakes up at the crack of dawn around 5am, and his book that he posted had me awake past 1am which is my latest “go to bed fool” time! I want to thank Karel and Ted both for agreeing to be my first sponsor of the podcast. I enjoyed the challenge of reading the script that was provided for their commercial spot, and I hope the book sells well for you in 2007. Yes, even though I have hammered your former Facebook CEO in the past few days, it was all in good fun! Hey, I’m still trying to new things to see what “sells” to my readers. I’m kind of glad that the post was barely read, as I really am not into bashing posts. What I mean is, “Do I look like the ValleyWag or something?” I look forward to the book coming out, and foresee even bigger things for Karel and Ted both in 2007. […]

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