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Business Jive

Posted by rexdixon on October 30, 2006

Business Jive is a great podcast, or I should actually say – has some great podcasts! You can check out further podcasts at their clickcaster podcast site which I am guessing now is their prelaunch siteBusiness Jive. I had time to actually check out the Robert Scoble podcast; a bit of it. You should also check out some of the other ones found on the old site.

Technically Speaking, just go check it out as I have to get a move on, but I was glad to be able to listen in on some good interviews of some movers and shakers in SV this morning.


2 Responses to “Business Jive”

  1. I really think that this Business Jive site has some possibilities… Especially if they have Rex Dixon and Mr Business Golf on their show….

  2. OK, this Business Jive is not posting much lately. Have you seen anything new on them? Last post was in July. Did they run out of Business or Jive?

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