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LeWeb3, MySpace, TopTenSources, TV, Spam

Posted by rexdixon on October 29, 2006

Let me first clarify, none of the words following each of the commas have anything to do with the other word. Is that clear? I hope so. They do however refer to the 5 topics that will be posted in the below paragraphs. ONE topic per paragraph. That is the way I post things on this blog. I would guess 90% of the time, the word or phrase prior to the comma is in no way related to the next word of phrase. Now that all of that is out of the way, time to catch up on what is going on today…

LeWeb3 is being held on December 11-12th in Paris, France. It is a two days conference to discuss the next generation web and mobile services, virtual games/communties, old and new media and other topics. It is organized by Loic Le Meur of Six Apart. Speaking of Six Apart, I am actually quite impressed by the speed and ease of use of their new service Vox.

MySpace is now trying to protect copyrights. They have partnered up with a California startup called Gracenote. This will all be announced on Monday, but you can be in the know by then because you read the blogs!

TopTenSources scores $3.5 million in a venture round led by Highland Capital. The company is a human edited blog aggregator. They are also announcing they just acquired Blogniscient – a TechMeme type of news aggregator. The number of internet companies today boggles the mind. I guess we can all be thankful for the blogs!

Reinventing Television. I say the internet has already done that in the past 6-12 months. I for one am glad that you can watch online, and not be tied to the tube. Of course, this leads you to being tied to another tube all together! Glad it was in the 70’s today, I was able to get outside and actually do some needed yard work.

What’s behind all that SPAM you get these days? The ones with the kanji, the unintelligeable characters, and the ones with words such as FrEe V$I$A$G#R*A! as the subject line? It might just be a BOT! More like a BOT network. Look out, you remember the Terminator movie right? Who knows how close we are to that craziness! Okay, it’s just SPAM, right?

Technically Speaking, I want to apologize for the first paragraph above. I realize that the majority of my regular readers have already figured this out just by returning a few times a day. I just wanted to clarify my posting style for those that can’t use their God given common sense and realize after reading a few of my posts, what my style is for this blog.


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