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2006 St. Louis Cardinals – World Champions!

Posted by rexdixon on October 28, 2006

Even though the so called “mainstream” press discounts the World Series this year as aWorld Champion St. Louis Cardinals! losing event as in this morning’s SI article – quote – ”
ST. LOUIS (AP) — No Fall Classic, for sure.

Flatter than the Midwestern heartland and a flop in the TV ratings, this World Series crowned a champion that barely made it to the postseason and then had to survive rain and cold as much as the bumbling Detroit Tigers.

World Series Trophy - 2006 St. Louis CardinalsGuess what? It really does NOT matter what they write, Technically Speaking the overweight, beer chugging, hard liquor drinking, smoke another one — SI writer people don’t get on the field and win games or for that matter lose them. Bottom line – The 2006 St. Louis Cardinals are Major League Baseball’s – World Series Winner and the 2006 World Series Champions!


2 Responses to “2006 St. Louis Cardinals – World Champions!”

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  2. As in most sports writing there are going to always be someone who wants to be the person who wrote another team or person off in the event that person or team does not meet the publics expectations they can be the person to say to you, I told you so. I am getting the impression that is the modern media for ya and just their way of causing hype and attention to themselves and their sponsor… which is getting really hard to do when 90% of the viewing audience is so fed up with the commentators they are just cutting the sound off and watching the game like they were there.

    Lets be glad that TV shows sports on TV because if it was up to the sport writers, no team or player is going to make it past today much less into tomorrow and is worth watching..

    Technically Speaking that is…(OH, that is your line…I forgot) Let me know how I can help

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