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Ze Frank vs Rocketboom, Vsocial

Posted by rexdixon on October 27, 2006

Ze Frank is in some sort of nerd fight with Rocketboom. It’s again over a topic I have talked about on the podcast as well as here in the blog – overrated stats, stat manipulation, lying without getting caught, etc… The funny bottom line here is the line in the article that states defacto – TechCrunch is much larger than both of them combined. Way to spank both of them, and send them on their way. I believe that line says it best.

Vsocial is another video site, which I have never taken a look at. Until now of course. They just raised another $1.5 million in funding from Ron Conway and Consor Capital.

Technically Speaking, if all of the above companies can receive VC funding, I believe that there is a huge audience that will be needing a Business Golf seminar very soon! Or at least they will need a copy of the bookHow To Play Business Golf.


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